Preserving cultural heritage

In line with our ecoresponsible commitments, it is essential for us to respect our artisans’ cultural heritages. We believe that sustainable fashion is about finding a balance between modernity, innovation, tradition and transmission. The materials we use in Peru - alpaca wool and pima cotton - were already used by Incas. Our artisans’ knitting and crochet techniques are also inherited from the Incas, passed from generation to generation. We dye some of our alpaca wool with plants and insects, as they used to do in the 13th century.

The collections we produce in India also pay homages to local know-hows. We work with an ikat workshop - a method for coloring fabric in patterns by resist dyeing – which has been used in Asia since several centuries. We have also added embroideries in our collections, since it is an ancestral Indian art, as well as pieces dyed with the traditional technique of Bandhani (tie and dye).



Sharing our values and our know-hows

When Cinthya Guerrero, our designer, recruited our knitters in Peru, she took the time to share her business knowledge with them - Cinthya studied business and worked for LVMH’s international sales division. Our designer wants our knitters to be able to evaluate the cost of their knits. In addition, she had talks with our producers and suppliers about STELLA PARDO’s values: benevolence, hope, fair trade, women empowerment, ecoresponsibility and ethical luxury.

Still in line with our desire to preserve cultural heritages, we also choose to work with small workshops, run by families. It enables us to build strong relationships with our artisans, in India and in Peru.



Durable pieces to pass from mother to daughter

For fair trade and ecoresponsibility reasons, our collections are all handmade, which enables high quality for each of our pieces. The durability and timeless designs of our garments ensure their resistance to passing trends and daily uses. They can therefore be passed from mother to daughter, just like a watch is traditionally passed from father to son.

Each piece is handmade with love by our Peruvian and Indian artisans in Peru. Most of our knitters are single mothers who create our knits from their homes, looking after their children at the same time. If it is undeniable that they love knitting, they also knit to ensure a future for their children, far from the slums where they grow up. Family, heritage, and maternal love… three essential pillars for STELLA PARDO.