In Peru01

If the knitters who work for STELLA PARDO are entrepreneurs and mostly work from home, we opened new workshops in Peru throughout the years to welcome them whenever they want. We ask our knitters to come at least once a week in their group leaders’ workshops so they can check the quality of the knits they produced and track the orders for our Parisian team, but also to encourage our artisans to socialize with other knitters.

Our designer Cinthya Guerrero personally knows each knitter from our Peruvian networks. She has worked with most of them since she launched her brand in 2009, and has always paid attention to their troubles and complicated situations. Our knitters mostly live in slums in the region of Lima. They often have to raise their children alone, so they need psychological support from us, in addition to the incomes provided by our regular contracts with them. We firmly believe in their talents and we see their incredible potential. Our purpose is to help them to be more self-confident and to empower them, so they can get better lives and ensure their children’s futures.

In India02

In March 2021, STELLA PARDO launched a new production line in India, near New Delhi. If our pieces have a Franco-Peruvian DNA, because of our designer’s dual nationality, we also want to highlight craftworks from other countries in the world and offer employment opportunities to disadvantaged people. Fashion can be a great way to boost a local economy, and fair-trade concerns many countries.

Our designer went to New Delhi in August 2021, to meet the Indian artisans from our new production chain and to control their working conditions in their workshops. These artisans have worked on our very first Indian production: a capsule collection created in collaboration with the American retailer Anthropologie. Each workshop has been selected by Rafia, our production manager in India. Cinthya spoke with all the knitters, embroiderers, dyers, seamstresses, workshop managers and fabrics suppliers, to be sure of their well-being, share their stories and learn from their local expertise.