La Finca - Spring / Summer 2023

«Mallorca has an unmistakable charm. There is a subtle magic found on the island. The earthiness, greenery, and fragrance of flowers and plants, growing in the field is breathtakingly inimitable. Taking time to speak and listen to your friends, to look in their eyes, to catch their gestures and smiles, to pick fruits and vegetables and then cook them together is a priceless return to real and joyful life. Sitting in the lush green gardens, while gazing at the sunset and the sea, amidst the farm animals and the charming Spanish houses in the background, is a joie de vivre. I guess I found the reason why Mallorca is so magnetic for the people all over the world; local citizens prioritize slow living to live a more balanced, meaningful life through slowing things down and appreciating both the world around them and what they have”.



Pulls & Cardigans

New capsule collection - Now online

Every season STELLA PARDO strives to bring you ancestral treasures from faraway cultures in order to preserve local crafts from around the world.

This summer, our capsule features the Indian art of BLOCK PRINT.

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