We are committed to operate a modern and sustainable knitwear fashion house. We stand for unique Peruvian and Indian savoir-faire, with the finest handcrafted quality and perfect cuts. Born in Paris, produced in Lima and in New Delhi.


STELLA PARDO is a French luxury knitwear manufacturer. 

The brand expresses through its collections the cool and chic Parisian attitude and the French effortless elegance, with a unique twist.


Our garments are all hand knitted in our Peruvian workshops, paying the highest respect to ancestral know-how. Handmade is key: it guarantees a top quality, and it also ensures a true exclusivity for each piece. We also started a new mission in India, celebrating the traditional Indian dyeing and sewing techniques in our workshops in New Delhi.


STELLA PARDO's knits are characterized by a variety of patterns, which cannot be imitated on an industrial level, giving therefore a soul to each piece. The different looming and knitting techniques allows unique textures and details to our modern collection of sweaters, cardigans, dresses, and more.

Born in Peru but grown up and raised in France, Cinthya Guerrero went back to her roots with the launch of her eco-friendly Parisian knitwear label in 2010. Having cut her teeth through an apprenticeship with Peruvian knitters and at LVMH, she is gifted with an undeniable understanding of craft.